Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) is a government scheme that emphasises on what an individual can do instead of focusing what they cannot do. When an individual is claiming the benefits, after some period either he or she may die and retire from the job. ESA finds if the person has still the potential and fit health-wise to work again and help them in finding a suitable job. You can find plenty of employment support allowance articles in http://dial2donate.org/company/esa-contact-number/.

It is a novel thought of lending a supporting hand for the disabled or illness people with an employment opportunity rather than supporting them financially. It helps the both financially and physically for the people who are unable to work. Before assisting the people, ESA conducts a medical assessment to ensure who are eligible for the benefits and who are not.

The Work Focused Interview (WFI) is a vital component of the ESA which assists the benefits to return to the job. This interview is scheduled together with an employment advisor and you can discuss with the advisor about the obstacles to work and the advisors agree to a financial support till you get the employment or progress in your health condition.

ESA is not forcing the people to occupation rather it assists people to move to a job which enhances their life. The people with severe illness can receive more benefits from ESA. The main aim of ESA is to financially help the people who lack the fitness to work because of the mental or physical conditions. If the limitation to the job is more, it will never compel them to work again.

The Support Group members are ESA benefits who are seriously disabled and make them work again since they are availing ESA benefit is unreasonable. The medical assessment is done often to verify whether there is any progress in the customers health benefit for employment. For Support Group customers, the medical assessment is done once in every three years. Based on the result of the Work Capability Assessment (WCA) a customer can be eliminated from the Support Group and included in the Work-related Activity group and Vice-versa.

Supporting the people with severe illness or disabled and poor people is the main focus of ESA. They can get more financial help through ESA without employment. If you are in Work-related activity group then you must attend a Work-focused interview. You must attend the work-related meetings arranged by the advisor to attend the job interviews and continue your ESA benefits. However, ESA never compels you to attend the interview. There is safeguard system to protect the customers affected by mental health.

You don’t want to participate in these work based interviews when you are about to join in the new job. For example, once the employer declared the date to join it is not necessary to attend the Work Force Interviews. If you cannot participate in the interview as per the schedule, you must inform it well-in-advance so that it can be postponed to another date. You must also inform the reason for not attending the interview.

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