Children are always learning and full of energy. It is necessary for parents that they channel their child’s energy by engaging them in productive activities. The plasticity of the brain can be exploited at any age but it in during the younger years that the brain develops and learns faster. For all round development of children, their brains must be activated by various productive activities as stimulus. Children nowadays may be encouraged to take up common sports like soccer, cricket, baseball, swimming or other activities like arts, craft, music and dance. Playing golf can be a different kind of activity and a new experience.

The sight of a golf course in itself is refreshing with all the greenery and natural landscape sometimes with ponds and trees within. It is played on a golf course that may stretch up to 30 – 60 hectares of well maintained turf. Each golf course varies from the other as they are designed based on the landscape. A standard golf course has 18 holes and covers an area of at least 60 hectares. Golf is a game of directing a ball into a series of holes, using clubs. Golf courses may have just 9 holes spread in about 30 hectares of land and the game may be played to cover the area twice to play a series of 18 holes.

Beacon Hall located in Canada is among the best golf courses for its picturesque landscape including a pond and pine trees.

Children can be trained to play golf while they enjoy it. Golf is a game that can be played as a team or as individuals. This implies that a child can party with just a single friend or with a group of friends. All sports help develop social skills. Golf is a game apart from others for the fact that it does not involve any judges or referees. The players keep a record of their scores, which emphasizes on the need for fair play. Children learn the need to play fair even as they succeed. It is one of life’s best lessons learnt in a fun manner. Another lesson learnt is from the golf “handicap” which helps the child realize that there will be imperfections, and these imperfections can be overcome and if not overcome are just part of life.

Playing golf involves a lot of walking to cover the distance between the holes. This is a great exercise in itself. It increases blood circulation and keeps the heart healthy. It helps relax the body. Playing golf involves motor and sensory connections, analysis and recognition of situations.

Keeping the brain active will keep it productive in all walks of life. Playing golf keeps sensory and motor recognition active and demands for a quick but calculated response, which is a demanding situation for the brain and will develop it further with practice. Since the game involves sensory and motor nerves several nervous disorders are kept at bay. Children will learn that perfect practice makes one perfect and helps develop skills. It is a game that is not restricted by age and once learnt can be played for a lifetime and help gain lifelong friends. Children can enjoy the game with just about any age group and spend quality time with friends and family.

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